Discontinuation LP-V10

Discontinuation LP-V10

We want to inform you about the fact, that the products
•    LP-V10U-LS1-C
•    LP-V10U-C

will be discontinued by 30th of September 2021.

Important details:
•    Orders can be placed until 15th of September 2021.
•    Repairs and spare part deliveries can be performed until 30th of September 2026.
•    Successors of this series are the following laser marking systems: LP-RV and LP-RF
•    The models LP-V15U-LS1-C and LP-V15U-C of the LP-V series will still remain in our portfolio.

For any questions regarding our new laser marking systems, our sales team is happy to be at your service.
You can also contact us via the contact from.