• Workstation LCP 3000 for Panasonic laser welding systems

    We can offer a suitable workstation with individual clamping unit for every application. If your requirements cannot be met by a standard model from our series, we will produce customized stand-alone systems.

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Workstation models

Workstation models

Suitable workstation for every application. Everything is feasible: From a workstation with axis movements to a rotary indexing table or completely customized designs.

A wide variety of models guarantees a broad spectrum, and features the following equipment:

  • servo-driven X-, Y-, Z-axis
  • servo-driven rotation axis
  • servo-driven rotary indexing table
  • various clamping units as required



  • servo-driven cabin safety door
  • internal extraction unit with filter insert (optional)
  • with perforated plate
  • clamping unit
  • 230 V/16 A connection

Software / Usability


Intuitive and simple handling of the workstation. You can control the laser welding system and the whole assembly via an industrial computer. Furthermore it is possible to display the setting path so that you can keep an eye on this most important parameter for a precise welding seam.


Integrated laser welding systems

The new Panasonic laser welding system VL-W1 is built into the workstation. Depending on the application, a 50W or 100W laser system will be implemented.

Dimensions LCP 3000

Dimensions LCP 3000

Thanks to its intelligent design, the housing of the LCP 3000 is highly flexible. With its width of 800 mm and height of 1901 mm and its swivel arm, the cabin fits perfectly through standard doors.