New integration module for VL-W1


The new integration module I-Module VL-W1 makes it easier for integrators and mechanical engineers to integrate the laser welding process for plastic components into production lines.

Guideline for laser plastic welding


Plastic components laser welding from A to Z.

Laser welding - our shooting star


Due to the growing demand for a smart and efficient laser welding solution for plastic we have enhanced our range of products for the VL-W1 series.

New generation of laser welding


The Panasonic fiber laser fulfills the requirements of the new generation of laser welding scenarios revolutionizing the welding of plastic components.
With the help of technology from Panasonic it is possible to weld high-performance plastics to produce components capable of substituting metal parts in the automotive and electronic industries. Substituting materials and using the Panasonic laser will lead to lower production costs for your components. We will gladly inform you about the benefits in detail.