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How does the laser welding process work?

Plastic layers can be welded together by laser emission and heat build-up at the adjacent surfaces without the need for adhesives. The laser beam passes through the laser transparent (upper) material and then is absorbed by the laser absorbing (lower) material.
The laser-absorbing material heats up and melts together with the laser-transparent material by heat transmission. During welding, a joining pressure adapted to the needs of the workpiece supports a precise junction of the plastic components.

Which advantages does laser welding offer?

Laser welding is a clean and precise process in which the plastic components can be joined without visible welding seams. The individual process steps can be monitored and documented completely and are therefore useful for the quality control.
During the laser welding process, the workpieces do not rub against each other as normally in other welding processes. This means that no wear particles are produced, which subsequently could influence the part properties in a negative way. Furthermore, during laser welding the joining parts can be connected without any additional materials such as adhesives or bonding sheets.
The laser welding process is especially suited if the inner electronic parts of a component have to be protected against dust and humidity.

Highlights of the Panasonic VL-W1

The new VL-W1 laser welding system is based on the unique optical fiber technology of Panasonic. The technology has been adapted from the tested and proven Panasonic laser marking systems and has been adapted for the welding of plastics. This technology
realizes a parallel laser beam with minimal beam widening. This allows working on different planes and enables a precise laser beam emission even very close to the edge of parts, which may encourage manufacturers to look for possible savings even in the part design.
The new Panasonic laser welding system offers many other highlights facilitating the welding process. Please find a summary of all highlights on the product page of the VL-W1.

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