Laser welding - our shooting star

Laser welding - our shooting star

Due to the growing demand for a smart and efficient laser welding solution for plastic we have enhanced our range of products for the VL-W1 series.

Besides models with a processing field of 200mm x 200mm, there are new models in the VL-W1 series with an enlarged processing field of 400mm x 400mm for welding larger components. Furthermore, the productivity of the welding system has been increased. The quasi-simultaneous welding of several small parts is now possible without traveling of the laser head or losing cycle time by laboriously loading single parts.

The enhanced VL-W1 series also offers all the usual advantages:

  • Welding of 3D components
  • Direct alignment of the laser beam diameter to the geometry of the workpiece
  • All services from a single source
  • Worldwide service

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