In the automotive industry, it is vital to keep developing and improving vehicles. This is true in respect of performance, contaminant levels and consumption values as well as regarding the design. All these optimization tasks cannot be imagined without the innovative laser welding technique. The Panasonic laser welding systems are a reliable basis when it comes to designing and welding of plastic components in the automotive industry. They fulfill all necessary requirements.

  • Application Automotive Display

    Waterproofed display device

    Displays are our personal assistants. They selectively present us daily information.
    To protect their electronic inner life and their optical properties against humidity, caustic gases or detergents, the displays are welded with a scratch-resistant protective screen. Due to a friction-free and precise heat input of the VL-W1 laser into the optimal welding contour, the components are only partially heated in the area of the welding seam. This gentle treatment of the highly sensitive electronic parts prevents the risk of particle generation between the display and the protective screen. Thanks to Panasonic’s quasi-simultaneous welding technology, it is possible to weld the displays in a stressless and waterproofed manner.

  • Application Automotive Control Unit

    Housing of control unit

    Often, highly sensitive electronic parts are integrated into the housing of a control unit , which must not be damaged during the welding of the housing. The electronic parts have to control the processes at all times and may perform lifesaving functions such as ABS or ESP. This is exactly what Panasonic’s welding method is made for – the precise laser beam of the VL-W1 welds both parts precisely at the housing edges. The welding seam protects the housing against humidity and dirt.

  • Application Automotive Switch

    Electronic switch

    The sharp-edged design of the switch leads to a material accumulation in the corners of the part, which are partially heated during the welding process. This may result in irregularities of the welding. The integrated performance correction of the VL-W1 series guarantees a constant temperature distribution over the whole welding seam – this way, constant and high-quality welding seams along the whole contour are ensured.


In the electrical industry, the variety of applications for laser welding systems is nearly unlimited, since plastic housings prove effective for the protection of sensitive electronic devices. The VL-W1 series offers a particle-free welding of joining parts and, compared with the friction welding method, increases productivity and reduces the reject rate.

  • Application Electronic Housing

    Electronic housing

    The welding seams of the VL-W1 series on transparent components not only demonstrate a high optical quality, but also combine the plastic components in a stress-free and particle-free way. Consequently, the built-in electronic parts are protected in the best way against environmental influences and a long lifetime is guaranteed.

  • Panasonic safety light curtain

    Panasonic safety light curtain

    Even in Panasonic’s production facilities, the laser welding technology has displaced other bonding technologies. This example shows the SF4 safety light curtain, a high security component, which protects against human failure and other endangering events.

  • Smallest welding on connector

    Smallest welding on connector

    On this connector the VL-W1 realizes an invisible welding seam. Only now the signal lamp becomes a safety component. With an appropriate process design, the laser welding method increases the optical quality and reduces costs through a profitable production.


Lasers are an integral part of the medical technology industry. They enable much progress. This development trend is also supported by the innovative laser welding system VL-W1 for plastic components because it offers advantages unrivaled by any other bonding technology. Due to its unique welding technology, it effortlessly fulfills the high hygienic process standards of the medical technology industries.

  • Application Heart Rate Monitor

    Heart rate monitor

    The display panel of this heart rate monitor has been fixed by a laser welding system – without any additives, i. e. adhesives. The precise and stable welding ensures a long life of the heart rate monitor.

  • Application Hearing Aid

    Hearing Aid

    Due to the miniaturization of the hearing aids, the requirements regarding the production process of these devices are continuously rising. The precision of the VL-W1 offers all chances for a high-quality welding and at the same time provides comprehensive design freedom.