• Quasi-simultaneous welding

    With quasi-simultaneous welding, the plastic components are joined quasi simultaneously along the welding seam. This synchronous heating process is the key to an exact and clean welding seam. The configuration of quasi-simultaneous welding is set in the system via the control of the laser beam in X- and Y-direction.

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  • Laser Marking Systems

    In addition to the Panasonic Laser Welding Systems, we offer a broad portfolio of Laser Marking Systems. For more information click here.

  • Accurate welding seam

    The Panasonic laser welding system VL-W1 produces a precise and parallel light beam of the quality level M2 < 1,1. This quality level enables the welding of 3D plastic geometries on different layers and realizes a parallel light beam, which in turn enables 3D processing and thus a less expensive component design.

  • Laser welding system for plastics

    Panasonic looks back on 20 years of experience with laser technology. Our newest development is the all-in-one laser system for plastic welding. The digital galvano scanner integrated in the laser head allows the movement of the laser beam in X- and Y-direction. It does not require a robot or axis movement of the laser head: The plastic components can be welded quickly and precisely.

  • Smart plastic welding

    The new Panasonic laser welding system for plastics with its unique optical fiber technology realizes high quality and precision plastic joinings. The digital galvano scanner integrated in the laser head and the nearly parallel laser beam allow the welding of different component geometries. For further information on the laser welding process, please see our current news. For information on further product highlights of the VL-W1, please click here.


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Laser Welding

Laser Welding

The VL-W1 laser welding system with its unique Panasonic fiber laser technology realizes clean and precise plastic welded joints.

Workstation for laser plastic welding


The stand-alone system for laser plastic welding is suited for prototype construction as well as small and individual production series. Apart from the standard enclosures Panasonic manufactures customized workstations.

Workstation for Panasonic laser welding systems LCP-3000


Accessories for laser plastic welding


From protective goggles to touch panels: The range of accessory equipment from Panasonic offers the required safety when working with laser welding systems.

Service for laser plastic welding


Service is a matter of course for us. It begins with a specially tailored consulting and extends up to spare parts supply on-site at your company.

Customer assistance

Service offer plastic welding

Unique service:
We offer assistance from the product idea to the serial production and beyond.

Service plays an extremely important role at Panasonic. Profit from our international Service network and consult our experts for customized applications. Do you look for a special contact person at Panasonic? Our contact form will find you the right person immediately. Our Service Center can be reached at every time: +49 (0) 89 45354-2251.

Success story of laser technology

In 1918 Konosuke Matsushita founded the company Matsushita Electric Works. The further development is characterized by continuous innovation. The whole success story impresses with many exciting events.