All the chapters of the success story

We trace our lineage all the way back to 1918 with pride. Konosuke Matsushita was far ahead of his time when he founded Matsushita Electric Works. His innovative spirit gave rise to constant developments. Panasonic's successful introduction of Laser Markers has many exciting chapters.

With a focus on: Added value for the customer

Panasonic’s roots date back to 1918. When he founded Matsushita Electric Works, Konosuke Matsushita laid the foundation for what distinguishes Panasonic to this day. More than 100 years since its founding, Panasonic has now become one of the world’s leading electronics companies, employing more than 270,000 people. The current product portfolio includes more than 220,000 top-quality products. The range includes high-quality consumer and household goods, precision components and innovative Laser Marking Systems for industrial automation.

In 1993, Panasonic began the process of developing its CO2 and diode laser systems for use in product marking. The first Laser Marking Systems were introduced in 1996.


At the same time, Panasonic invested in the development of fiber laser technology for materials processing. In so doing, Panasonic cooperated closely with IPG Photonics, a manufacturer of fiber-optic technology. In 1999, Panasonic presented the first fiber laser marker for industrial use in product marking applications. The Panasonic LP-F10 fiber laser marker set new standards in material processing. The success vindicated Panasonic's approach, as the marking system was also awarded numerous prizes - such as the Chairman’s Prize at the Excellent Energy Saving Machinery Awards.

Panasonic continues to develop Laser Marking Systems whose innovativeness continue to set standards in the industry. This includes MOFPA technology - a type of re-amplifier technology used to increase high peak power with selective pulse width control in the laser head. The 3D laser beam deflector unit for the marking of complex surfaces represents another milestones in our development process. Panasonic’s outstanding recipe for success is based on a high level of technological know-how and our team of top-quality engineers.


Powerful and extremely accurate: Development of the first CO2 Laser Marking Systems.
Product name: LP-100

At last, products competing with conventional marking methods emerge.


Moving forward step by step: Development of the next system is concluded.
Product name: LP-200

The Panasonic CO2 laser marker sets new standards.

Good teamwork pays off: The first fiber laser marker makes itself heard round the world.
Product name: LP-F10

This innovation changes everything. Working closely with the experts at IPG-Photonics Germany, the current world market leader in high-power fiber lasers, Panasonic designed the first fiber laser marker worldwide.


New diode technologies: A diode laser for the marking of resins.
Product name: LP-D

With the unveiling of the LP-D, Panasonic succeeds in its next major development step. The diode Laser Marking System is capable of marking resins.


Award-winning innovation: Awarded the “Chairman’s Prize”.
Product name: LP-F10

Experts praise Panasonic for customer satisfaction worldwide. At the “23rd Annual Excellent Energy Saving Machinery Awards”, the LP-F10 is awarded the “Chairman’s Prize”.

Strong reinforcement: Another CO2 laser marker is released onto the market.
Product name: LP-300

Developed for the marking of a variety of materials, it is regarded as a basic entry-level system. The LP-300 has a wavelength in the mid-infrared range.

Worldwide success of a CO2 laser marker: The LP-400 series is a bestseller.
Product name: LP-400

Delivery and installation is a worldwide success. With the LP-400, Panasonic releases a CO2 laser marker delivering impressive results in industries that require particularly high speed and robust functionality.


With better beam quality: A first for the marking of metals and resins.
Product name: LP-V

Space-saving housing, low fixed costs, long service life: Thanks to their unique MOPFA technology, the LP-V series fiber laser markers are extremely powerful while consuming little power.


The next step: The LP-G is yet another Panasonic Laser Marking System setting standards.
Product name: LP-G

With its 532nm fiber laser marker, the LP-G, Panasonic put its continuous development to the test, creating the basis for further successful product series.


Innovation for the marking of concave and convex surfaces.
Product name: LP-Z

Thanks to its 3D functionality, the LP-Z fiber laser marker is suitable for particularly demanding jobs. Its integrated MOFPA technology makes it possible to make the very highest quality of markings on resins and metals, thanks to selective pulse width modulation.

Glass marking redefined: Tesa and Panasonic develop a new technology for glass marking.
Product name: LP-V-LTFC

Working closely together, Tesa and Panasonic develop a patented, unique technology called LTF-C. This method makes it possible to provide glass with permanent, high-contrast markings without damaging the glass.


New solution for high-speed marking and deep metal engraving.
Product name: LP-S

Powerful irrespective of application environment: With the help of LP-S series fiber laser markers, it is now possible to deep mark and black mark tool-grade steel. Ball bearings, drill bits, engine blocks and many other components can be provided with outstanding marking quality, even at high marking speeds.

Breaking out into a new dimension with black marking.
Product name: LP-S500W

The fruit of many years of technological development, this milestone marks the release of a top-quality product. LP-S500W series Laser Marking Systems feature very high output power and a unique focus tolerance of up to 60mm, making them extremely simple to set up.


Marking in the third dimension now possible.
Product name: LP-M

The new LP-M series ensures extraordinary precision of 3D marking. The series includes models with an output power in the 20 Watt / 50 Watt range, and marking areas of up to 220 x 220mm. 3D marking is optimized by the height adjustment feature that can balance out discrepancies of up to 44mm.


The new generation of CO2 laser markers is even smaller and more powerful.
Product name: LP-GS

The CO2 technology itself also offers potential for constant new developments. The LP-GS series systems are all-rounders offering a surprisingly high level of performance. Small, compact, yet powerful: Panasonic’s experts are proud of the new generation of CO2 Laser Marking Systems, which are among the smallest on the market.

Innovation by Panasonic’s optical fiber technology; laser welding of plastic components
Product name: VL-W1

The VL-W1 series makes it possible to quasi-simultaneously weld plastic components with a fiber laser system. Thanks to the exact and parallel laser beam realized by Panasonic’s fiber technology, completely new opportunities arise, i. e. the welding of 3D components.


Panasonic's laser welding system VL-W1 is joined by the perfect supplement
Product name: LCP-3000

The workstation LCP-3000 is a stand-alone system for laser plastic welding. It is ideal as a manual manufacturing workplace for prototypes and small and individual production series. The standard model can be enhanced by customized modifications and clamping units on demand.


Our well known laser marking workstation LC-3000 has received a facelift.
Product name: LC-3000

After some years in the market, our workstation LC-3000 has undergone some modifications. Now it is more precise and robust than ever. Its functionalities and usability have been improved. Here you can find some further information on the current version of the workstation.


Japanese Panasonic Group celebrates “100 Years of Innovation”

In 1918, Panasonic operated on small scale and now it is a global player – our success is the result of constant evolution and striving for perfection according to the corporate motto "A better world a better life".


New workstation - small and flexible
Product name: LC-1000

The Panasonic Workstation LC 1000 is a high-performance, safe and compact laser safety cabin for the high-quality laser marking of small to medium-sized workpieces.

New 20W fiber laser -
simple operation & high quality
Product name: LP-RF

Panasonic has once again put the central functions of the laser marking systems to the test and adds an easy-to-use product to the existing range - the new LP-RF series.


New short pulse laser marking system
Product name: LP-RV


Highly flexible short pulse laser marking system LP-RV, for metal and plastic applications with extra small characters and high contrast.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy extends to all areas and industries. Whether for the home, office, department store, car, plane, or production facility: Panasonic powers the things that move people. We develop and design solutions with impressive variety, keeping the customer’s requirements as a whole always in view. Panasonic's decades of experience in the area of consumer products and industrial automation lay the perfect foundation for our Laser Markers to succeed. We conduct very careful monitoring to observe customer needs and what type of added value is in demand in which specialty area. Our blend of outstanding technology, outstanding quality and outstanding service is a complete solution, leaving nothing to be desired.

Outstanding technology

Everything we do is based on the deployment of the latest laser marking technologies. The application laboratories at Panasonic’ European head office and the worldwide dialogue that our highly qualified engineers engage in enable continuous product improvements. Clear arguments testify for our Laser Marking Systems and their outstanding technology. Their enormous precision and high level of reliability have gained worldwide renown.

Outstanding quality

The satisfaction of our customers and the trust they have in Panasonic are paramount to us. At our company, every single employee is involved and sensitized, resulting in high-quality products and impressive services. In all areas, our team takes the most varied customer requests into account, and learns from them continuously. Technological know-how and a keen sense for what is important form the basis for our innovative, high-quality products.

Outstanding service

Panasonic’s service network has a broad reach. We respond quickly and are known for our flexibility. Our outstanding service begins long before a Laser Marking System is installed. Customer advice, feasibility analyses and project management are the pillars on which our success concept is based. The Panasonic service team comes to the aid of all customers with expert, reliable service experts - at any time, regardless of the service life of your system.