Guideline for Laser Welding

Laser welding - our shooting star

Laser welding is a clean and precise process in which the plastic components can be joined without visible welding seams. For all project leaders and constructors we offer  the comprehensive guideline "Production process of a plastic part". This guideline describes all relevant and important topics during the development process and the later production process.
In the industrial environment, Panasonic laser marking systems are already firmly established in the market due to their outstanding quality, durability and exclusive services.
This expertise and many years of experience have been incorporated into the development of the new VL-W1 laser welding system. All this has enabled us to develop a system tested under rugged industrial conditions.
In our guideline you get further information about the production of a plastic part and how Panasonic products can support you in the production process.

For further information see this brochure: Panasonic Guideline Laser Welding
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