Lasermarker Service

Service for Panasonic laser marking systems

Customer assistance

We will support you all the way from the first phone call and getting to know each other to final acceptance of the system. The support we provide you with is continuous. What good service means to us above all is providing empathetic customer assistance. Our team of consultants, application engineers and technical support staff will be available to answer detailed questions from the very start. We set great stock in building trusting relationships. We carefully nurture the partnerships we develop with our customers.

Feasibility study

We like to be put to the test. We respond to every customer inquiry with a thoughtful response based on a detailed feasibility study. Panasonic’s central European laboratory is manned by experienced, highly qualified experts who analyze which Laser Marking System offers the optimum quality and labeling time for your particular application. We process every inquiry without delay.

To speed up the processing of the feasibility report, please fill in the requirements form and send it together with your samples to:

Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG
Laser Marking & Processing Laboratory
Maria-Merian-Straße 7
85521 Ottobrunn

Feasibility study Panasonic laser marking system

Project consulting

Our team of consultants, application engineers and technical support will be available from the very start. Working together with the customer, we unerringly determine which type of laser marking is appropriate. Panasonic is not only responsible for technical innovations, but for integrating them into existing concepts. Impressive results are achieved on the strength of conscientious project consulting.

Project consulting Panasonic laser marking system


Installing a Laser Marking System is always associated with an intervention in existing workflows. We take great care to take the special needs of our customers into account when it comes to installing Laser Marking Systems. The specially trained employees at the Panasonic Service Center will support you in installing the systems to ensure a smooth, reliable commissioning process.

Installation Panasonic laser marking system


Our experts make sure that the full range of possibilities offered by a Laser Marking System are understood and harnessed at your facility. As part of both internal and external training courses, we prepare our customers’ employees in a professional manner, acquainting them in full with the units. By providing intensive assistance, we convey a high level of technical knowledge that is advantageous to both the operation, maintenance and software control of Laser Marking Systems.

Training Panasonic laser marking system


Modern Laser Marking Systems can be expected to do their job almost without any maintenance. All the solutions offered by Panasonic are highly durable. You will not require any additional consumables and will incur no significant follow-up costs. On-site service deployments are the exception in this regard. However, our customers can expect to receive comprehensive support provided by trained experts, should it become necessary to replace a component.

If your Laser Marking System fails, we prepare a cost estimate/error log (subject to a charge). Based on that report we identify the most economic way for the necessary repair of the device.
When claims come up, i. e. due to technical failure, faulty shipping, deviations in delivered quantities or transport damages, please contact our service team directly to enable a quick processing. In this case, please use this return form.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our service at any time: Telephone: +49 (0) 89 45354-2251

Maintenance Panasonic laser marking system


At Panasonic, providing fast and flexible support is both a matter of course and an established practice. Our Technical Support staff provide expert help for all Laser Marking Systems.

Service telephone: +49 (0) 89 45354-2251

In the event of a fault, you can expect to receive both advice and material assistance from an experienced service team. Initial orders by phone and service technician deployment requests can be made at any time. Clients with premium agreements can order day and night!

Support Panasonic laser marking system

Delivery / Storage

To enable our customers to maintain full focus on their core business and to secure their production processes to the greatest extent possible, Panasonic offers different service packages with a variety of maintenance and spare parts delivery options. We provide spare parts on very short notice. High plant availability allows us to help our customers achieve predictable productivity levels.

Storage Panasonic laser marking system