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At Panasonic we support our customers even after the purchase agreement. When you purchased a Panasonic Laser Systems, you opted for a Premium product where you can benefit from an additional excellent customer service. We offer you various training courses and service packages, click here.

Merry Christmas & a happy new Year!


We sending you very best wishes for a merry festive season and a happy, healthy New Year 2021!!

We have prepared a little Christmas video for you - click here.




Invitation to web seminar “Get to know the new short pulse laser of the LP-RV series”


For our last Panasonic Systems & Solutions web seminar in 2020 we are pleased to introduce you to the new 20W LP-RV short pulse fiber laser marking system. This laser marking system marks plastic parts or metal components with high contrast and small thermal influence.

Find out more about laser marking with a short pulse laser system. This technology offers many ad-vantages for permanent product ...


Discontinuation LP-V10


We want to inform you about the fact, that the products
•    LP-V10U-LS1-C
•    LP-V10U-C
will be discontinued by 30th of September...



New LP-RV - short pulse fiber laser marker


The new LP-RV Laser Marker System is a solution for marking different metal and plastic devices.

Panasonic Industry Europe introduces the successor of the Panasonic LP-V10 laser: the new 20W LP-RV short pulse fiber laser marker marks various materials from illuminated switches for automotive, electronic devices, medical applications to metal parts, or resin molds.
The short pulse fiber technology of the Panasonic LP-RV achieves to generate a quick pulse duration as short as only 1ns. Therefore the thermal effect on the workpiece is very short and reduces undesired effects like discoloring, burning, or deformation. This setting is perfect for marking high contrast characters on resin surfaces...


Corona pandemic: Continuing to successfully find solutions together


The corona pandemic is not only dominating the daily headlines at present but is also increasingly impacting on our private and professional lives.  
All of us are now required to rethink our habits and show consideration to each other in order to minimize the health risks to ourselves and the people around us as far as possible.
This also presents us with the challenge of responding to this situation and cautiously taking new approaches in our professional lives as well.
For you, this means that your contacts at Panasonic Industry are currently working almost exclusively in their home offices – but remain unreservedly at your disposal, of course. We can be contacted as usual by telephone, by email, or also by video conference when more extensive advice is required.


New Fiber Laser - LP-RF


Panasonic recently re-examined the essentials key-functions of a laser marker, and added a easy handling model to the lineup – the new LP-RF series.

Panasonic provides long-term reliable marking


The demands in modern production are changing very rapidly, the production complexity is growing constantly, and continuous and complete documentation of the whole production process is becoming necessary. Traceability, product tracking using, for example, machine-readable codes such as QR or DMC codes has already become the standard practically everywhere in the meantime.

Innovation – LC 1000 Workstation small and compact


The Panasonic workstation LC 1000 is a high-performance safe and compact manual manufacturing workplace for high-quality laser marking for workpieces of small to medium size. With its 550mm height and 510mm width, the compact and flexible workstation is suited for tables.

Roboterwerk & Panasonic - Marking obligation for drones


Roboterwerk relies on Panasonic Laser Marking Systems for drone identification.
Learn more about the solution from Roboterwerk – click here.

Free from laser fume and laser dust


Extraction units guarantee a secure process, reliable adherence to emission limit values and fresh air for human and nature.
Do you replace your filter regularly? Why is extraction of fume so important? Learn more.

Turnkey and perfectly matched manual manufacturing workplace - Workstation LC 3000


The Workstation LC 3000 is ideally suited for small and individual production series and can be flexibly equipped to handle a wide variety of marking tasks. A manual manufacturing workplace as the Workstation LC 3000 of laser class 1 enables the marking of customized series, prototypes, or tools for production lines.

FTCAP relies on Panasonic laser marking systems


Mr. Lund from FTCAP: "Currently, we use a laser marker from the LP-Z series to mark individual capacitor specifications on its base. Our experiences encouraged us to rely on Panasonic products also in the future and we appreciate their good service and support. The acquisition of an additional laser marker is due to be implemented shortly."

2D Code Reader for reliable product traceability


Today's industry cannot do without traceability. Traceability means that at any given time it must be possible to find out when, where, and by whom a product was manufactured, processed, stored, transported, consumed, or scrapped.

Product and package labeling for traceability of medical and pharmaceutical products


A reliable product labeling to ensure the traceability of medical and pharmaceutical products is standard today. In the next three years, stricter UDI regulations will take effect in Europe and the number of exceptions will be reduced drastically. This enormously increases the demands on the quality management.

ABS Safety GmbH marks with Panasonic


In 2013, ABS Safety GmbH opted for a Panasonic Laser Marking System.
ABS Safety GmbH is a specialist company that has been developing and producing fall protection systems and solutions for over a decade. It offers rope & harness and fall protection systems for almost all applications, whether for work at heights on roofs or industrial applications. Thanks to its cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and ultramodern testing methods, the industry specialist often leads the way in the development of new products.

Panasonic is a strategic partner to ConvaTec.


Making the right choice when it comes to finding the perfect supplier is not easy. Several aspects need to be kept in mind. For STIHL, Panasonic has met the requirements the company expects.

Close, dependable cooperation is important


Making the right choice when it comes to finding the perfect supplier is not easy. Several aspects need to be kept in mind. For STIHL, Panasonic has met the requirements the company expects.

A brand of quality


ALPEN-MAYKESTAG, a leading toolmaker, has been a satisfied Panasonic customer for years. The company has been headquartered in Austria since 1957, since which time it has been known for outstanding quality, intensive research, extremely high performance and absolute reliability.