• CO2 Laser Marking System

    LP-300 series Laser Marking Systems are suitable for abrasion-free and permanent marking of resins, enameled surfaces, glass and organic materials such as paper, wood, rubber or leather. They work using a wavelength in the mid-infrared range and achieve first-class results requiring no additional consumables; they are non-contact and non-wearing. As one would expect for an effective CO2 laser marker: LP-300 series units are able to operate virtually without maintenance. They require very little service effort with minimal follow-up costs.

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  • 360° View

    Whichever way you look at it: Panasonic's Laser Marking Systems are real eyecatchers. They have been rendered for viewing in our online gallery so that you can rotate them 360 degrees. Even before you first talk to a Panasonic customer service expert, one thing is clear: We invest in innovation and rise to meet the challenges of the digital age.

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Guide laser

Simulation with the guide laser

Those who would first like to visually inspect a marking position will appreciate this innovation. The high-visibility red guide laser indicates the position of the marking before it is actually made.


Software NAVI

NAVI for perfect marking

Laser Marker NAVI’s simple, intuitive mouse-driven interface makes it easy to configure marking conditions and positions in setting files, allowing you to easily create marking layouts according to plan. The application also allows your computer to monitor system operation, and you can check error logs and the I/Omonitor at the same time.
  • Additional support programs are included in the software package by default to help the user in his or her particular application.
  • Logo Data Conversion
  • Logo Data Editing
  • Export Vec (conversion of AI files to Marking Data)
  • Font Maker


The sheer range of industries and applications for which Panasonic provides first-class solutions and systems is astounding. Our experts are able to draw on years of experience, helping them solve custom applications quickly and to perfection – just take a look at the photo gallery for some practical examples.

  • Organic materials

    A precise marking of nearly every organic material is possible with a CO2 laser. On wooden brushes, a high-contrast laser engraving can be produced with the LP-300 series so that the marking characters are easily readable and contrast with the original background.

    Used laser:

  • Laser engravings on IC sockets

    Due to a wavelength in the infrared range, the Panasonic CO2 laser of the LP-300 series is perfectly suited for applying a permanent marking not subject to wear and tear on resin parts.

    Used laser:

  • Product identification on CD

    In addition to its superior marking quality with clear contours, the LP-300 series is nearly maintenance-free and hence produces few service or follow-up costs.

    Used laser:

Dimensions laser head

Dimensions laser head

To ensure that it is possible to optimally integrate Panasonic Laser Marking Systems into existing production lines, the dimensions of the units are shown here in detail.

This is the frontal and side view of the laser head.


Dimensions controller

Dimensions controller

To ensure that it is possible to optimally integrate Panasonic Laser Marking Systems into existing production lines, the dimensions of the units are shown here in detail.

This is the rear and side view of the controller.


Model LP-310-C
Work distance 145mm
Marking field 50mm x 50mm
Scan speed max. 2000mm/s
Output class 10W
Ambient temperature 0 to +40°C, storage: -10 to 50°C
Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH
Marking method Galvanometer scanning
Marking laser CO2 Laser λ = 10.6μm, laser class 4
Guide laser Semiconductor λ = 655nm, laser class 2; 1mW
Text orientation Linear, proportional, monospaced, arced, tilted
Character types Capital & small characters, numerals, katakana, hiragana, kanji (JIS level 1 & level 2), symbols, user-defined characters (up to 50 types)
Logos/Graphics DXF
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Supply voltage 90 to 132VAC or 180 to 264VAC (auto-changing), 50/60Hz
Power consumption 700W
Inputs Laser stop, file no., trigger, counter reset, emergency stop
Outputs Alarm, marking ready, counter end
Interfaces RS232C, digital I/Os
Marking condition Static
Software and hardware features
  • Correction of intersection
  • Test marking
  • Current date/time
  • Expiry date
  • Counter function
  • Backup
  • Bold marking
  • Error log display
  • Marking field indication
  • CAD files
  • Saved file list
  • Serial data transfer
  • Laser check
  • USB
Net weight of head 13kg
Net weight of controller 5kg