• Laser marking in high quality

    We have been leaders in innovation for Laser Marking Systems for more than 20 years. Our customers know: Panasonic is synonymous with innovation, reliability and quality. The numerous products we have developed for a wide variety of applications are complemented by first-class service and expert customer support.

  • Precision through innovation

    Even complex shapes can be marked with extremely high precision using the 3D function. 3D axis control ensures a constant laser beam diameter across the entire marking area. This makes it possible to perform high-quality markings even on peripheral areas of 3D objects.

  • Laser Welding Systems

    In addition to the Panasonic Laser Marking Systems, we also offer Laser Welding Systems for welding of plastics. For more information click here.

  • All-rounder for high-demand applications

    With the Panasonic fiber laser marker, it is possible to make permanent, accurate markings on the most varied materials. A long service life without additional costs for consumables (e.g. for ink) makes the fiber laser marker an attractive marking system.

  • Broad, highly diverse range

    Panasonic has a broad product range comprising many different kinds of fiber laser markers and CO2 Laser Marking Systems. Thanks to the wide variety of products, our expert team can develop customer-specific marking solutions for any number of applications and industries. All Panasonic Laser Marking Systems are complemented by an extensive range of accessories designed to work perfectly with our systems.


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The workstation is used as a standalone system for small-batch and individual production runs. The associated protective housing can also be custom-configured.

LC 3000

LC 1000

LC 1000



From a touch panel to protective goggles: Our range of accessories offers a total package to facilitate safe use of Panasonic’s Laser Marking Systems.



Outstanding service is a matter of course for us. It starts by providing first-class advice and extends to global spare part supply.

Customer assistance


Really good service never ends:
This goes without saying for the Panasonic service team.

We use eight steps to help us reach that goal. The service offered by Panasonic is characterized by its high quality. Our customers benefit from a service network spanning the globe and from the intensive support provided by highly experienced experts. If you require assistance or are looking for a specific contact at Panasonic: Our contact form leads you to an expert reply. We are always happy to help, and will do so as quickly as possible, also via telephone: +49 (0) 89 45354-2251.

All the chapters of the success story

We trace our lineage all the way back to 1918 with pride. Konosuke Matsushita was far ahead of his time when he founded Matsushita Electric Works. His innovative spirit gave rise to constant developments. Panasonic's successful introduction of Laser Markers has many exciting chapters.