Free from laser fume and laser dust

Effective extraction systems from Panasonic

Extraction units guarantee a secure process, reliable adherence to limits and fresh air for human and nature.

For the operation of Panasonic laser marking systems or laser welding systems, we always recommend the use of an extraction unit from our product range. Laser processing gives rise to a mixture of dust, gases, fumes, sparks and particulates in different compositions. This is why the extraction unit has to fit your application, and there are three important reasons why you should invest in an extraction unit:

  • Health reasons

Laser fume is harmful to health. It may be carcinogenic and may harm the airway and the lungs. Please think of your employees when buying laser marking systems.

Employees are a major asset in every company. Health-related absences of staff are not only unpleasant for the person concerned, but also for the company. This is why there are regulations for safety at work. Consequently, your employees should be protected against the influence of harmful emissions. The only working solution is a targeted extraction directly at the point of origin.

Certain toxic substances can cause long-term and partially chronic or serious diseases. Illness-related absences of employees also cause economic damage with far-reaching consequences regarding productivity, order fulfillment, image and market presence.

  • Legal reasons

According to the legal regulations for clean air at the workplace, laser fume has to be extracted from the breathing air. Working Conditions Act and Ordinance on Hazardous Substances

  • Higher process and product quality

The extraction of laser fume ensures a long lifetime of the laser marking systems. The extraction of sparks and rough particulates prevents your product and process quality from deteriorating. Depending on the material of the workpiece and the used laser technology, the fume development can be higher or lower.

Selection of an extraction unit suited for your application

We are always ready to assist you in eliminating air-borne contaminants with efficient and effective dust collectors and filter technologies.

We can offer you a suitable extraction unit for every application. Once implemented, you can rely on clean laser processing procedures. Please consult us for determining the best extraction unit for your application.

To guarantee a permanently clean extraction process, It is necessary to replace the filter on a regular basis. Upon request, we deliver every kind of replacement filter – simply contact us.

Or, take a look at the Panasonic extraction units in our brochure.

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