ABS Safety GmbH marks with Panasonic

ABS Safety GmbH marks with Panasonic

Work on roofs and special installation works are among the jobs susceptible to the greatest risk of falling. The risk of falling is the critical factor when working on roofs. Wearing personal protective equipment is indispensable in this regard, and is prescribed by law. Fall protection equipment must be properly inspected on a regular basis by specialized personnel. For large-scale protection systems, however, such inspections can be very laborious.

Unique identification through laser marking

If defects are identified, the attachment points in question must be uniquely identified and documented. Thanks to the laser marking of individual serial numbers on lifting eyes and other ABS Safety GmbH products, unique identification no longer poses a problem. The markings significantly facilitate the documentation of installation and testing.

The company uses a Panasonic LP-Z series Laser Marking System to do so. The reason this laser is so well-suited to the task is that it is equipped with 3D functionality, making it suitable for the wide variety and complex designs of ABS products. Markings are applied to the product using the black marking method, remaining legible permanently.

“Panasonic is our first choice not only because of the very high quality and high technical standards, but also because it is easy to get in touch with the technicians (direct contact, not a hotline), and of course we are also very impressed by the outstanding advice offered by the field personnel," says Kai Brendel, Purchasing Manager at ABS Safety GmbH.

Panasonic provides Laser Marking Systems for numerous applications, and is synonymous with outstanding quality and reliable service.