A brand of quality

A brand of quality

ALPEN-MAYKESTAG is held in the highest regard throughout the world as a manufacturer of drill bits, reamers, milling cutters and specialty tools. Hence it is all the more important for the company to be able to rely 100 percent on its suppliers and their products.

With over 300 employees, the company produces more than 35 million high-quality tools at multiple sites around Austria. The company is organized into two business segments: under the alpen brand, it manufactures precision tools used in trade and craft applications, while under its MAYKESTAG brand, it manufactures high-performance tools for industrial machining. In addition to the quality of its product range, the variety of products offered by the company is truly impressive.

For such a wide variety of products, ALPEN-MAYKESTAG needs a flexible system for product marking. Every drill bit, milling cutter and every specialty tool has to be provided with individual markings. With its LP-Z series marking laser, Panasonic meets all these requirements. Thanks to highlights like Z-axis control for flawless marking of complex components, and a large 330 x 330 mm marking field, this marking laser is able to cover a wide range of applications. Another highlight is its high output power, which reduces marking time and thereby improves ALPEN-MAYKESTAG's manufacturing efficiency.

As their supplier, ALPEN-MAYKESTAG's success inspires us to continue to refine our innovations and our service into the future, and to be the best partner we can.