Traceability by Panasonic

The demands in modern production are changing very rapidly, the production complexity is growing constantly, and continuous and complete documentation of the whole production process is becoming necessary. Traceability, product tracking using, for example, machine-readable codes such as QR or DMC codes has already become the standard practically everywhere in the meantime.

Optically machine-readable codes are not an invention of the 21st century. Bar codes were used for the first time in commercial applications as long ago as 1974 in the foodstuffs industry. Until recently, however, their use in product manufacturing was demanded only by decidedly quality-sensitive producers in order to be able to reference traceability and responsibility. Manufacturers and suppliers particularly in the automotive, medical and aerospace sectors are faced with the responsibility of high standards (RoHS, WEEE, CE, etc.). They have to implement stringent measures and processes that identify, track and record every step of the production. Customizable codes help to create this important form of transparency.


But how does the immediate future look?