LC 1000 Workstation small and compact

LC 1000 Workstation by Panasonic

The Panasonic Workstation LC 1000 is a high-performance safe and compact manual manufacturing workplace for high-quality laser marking for workpieces of small to medium size. With its 550mm height and 510mm width, the compact and flexible workstation is suited for tables.

The Workstation LC 1000 with its laser class 1 and an electric driven z-axis supports the marking of components with different heights. The integrated perforated plate allows you to fix components accurately to ensure precise marking of the product. The large safety door is easy to use and facilitates the operator’s access for loading workpieces into the LC 1000. It provides ergonomic and easy access for operators who position parts.
Handling and controlling the workstation LC 1000 is easily done with the high-performance industrial PC and its software.

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