Product and package labeling for traceability of medical and pharmaceutical products

Product and package labeling for traceability of medical and pharmaceutical products

It will not be enough to mark labels and packagings because also the reusable products of class II and class III need to have a UDI-compliant direct marking. An unreadable marking can have severe consequences either for the patient or for the manufacturer.

Why is a product verification necessary?

The verification of medical products includes a comparison of the product data on the packaging with a corresponding database entry. The following checks are performed:

  • Does the record exist and does it match the data on the packaging (protection against product forgery)
  • Has the record been marked as already “prescribed”
  • Does the record contain warnings (i. e. call backs)

A product, respectively the primary packaging, has to be uniquely identifiable from the manufacturing process to the medication.


These challenges can be mastered with a precise and durable laser marking. Since 2009 the Panasonic Laser Marking Systems have been proving themselves through their excellent quality and high speeds not only in Europa, but also and especially in Japan. In the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, already 9 out of 10 customers rely on the excellent quality and high speeds of the Panasonic Laser Marking Systems.


Securing an optimum marking process

Why is product marking particularly effective with laser?

The laser radiation of a Panasonic Laser Marking System is a very precise and clean tool. You can use it for the different material types of the pharmaceutical industry: it is suited for the marking on glass containers, ampoules, syringes, outer carton package, blister packages, resin coverages and aluminum packagings.

All relevant information such as manufacturing date, batch number, expiry date, and many other variables can be applied on many different kinds of material with continuous quality. For the product marking no masks, print forms and cutting tools are necessary. The information to be marked is transferred directly from a computer-based system to the Laser Marking System. This way, the real time data of products can be marked quickly and flexibly.

The whole product information can be encrypted and marked also in the form of a bar code (e.g. QR Code, Data Matrix, GS1-RSS, CODE 128) and hence are identifiable only by the original manufacturer.


A suitable Laser Marking System for every medical product

CO2 laser for cartons and outer packages or fiber laser for plastic covers, vial caps and medical instruments?
The laser marking fulfills all basic hygienic prerequisites of the medical technology. Surfaces of medical instruments can be marked free from burrs, grooves and material residues.


Glass marking - an innovative solution of Panasonic & tesa

The patented LTF-C technology (laser transfer film contrast) is perfectly suited for glass marking. A very legible and high-contrast glass marking can be realized.

For medical manufacturers: Primary glass packagings like syringes, vial caps, ampoules, or cartridges can be marked properly and permanently with the LTF-C technology. Besides an extraordinary readability and a high graphic resolution even with smallest markings, the LTF-C technology offers a very high mechanical durability. In this process the glass neither is affected by UV light nor by chemicals and cleaning processes.


Advantages of LTCF technology:

  • 100% tracking of primary packaging
  • excellent legibility
  • individual marking
  • can be read by machine
  • glass integrity not compromised
  • temperature resistant up to 1000°C
  • impervious to UV radiation
  • chemical & mechanical durability


Panasonic Service

Your challenges are...

  • Legal requirements – customers and legislators demand transparency with respect to complete traceability.
  • Permanent product labeling – medical products and outer packages have to be marked in a durable, temperature and acid resistant way and must not be removed by mechanical abrasion or exposure to chemicals, i. e. during a sterilization process.
  • Protection against plagiarism – Manufacturers protect themselves against plagiarism in nearly all product areas through unique and difficult to imitate markings.

Panasonic offers:

  • Free of charge feasibility study  - if you are interested please fill in our feasibility study inquiry and send us a product sample. The examination takes place immediately and is done by our experts with experience of many years and highest care.
  • Expedient consulting: - You get the result of our test markings and a recommendation for the appropriate Laser Marking System.
  • Reliable products - Our Laser Marking Systems are subject to strongest quality tests since we want to fulfill the expected Panasonic quality.
  • Excellent service - You can contact our worldwide service team at any time to ensure a seamless production chain.

Our philosophy: “Our business focuses on the added value for our customers“