2D Code Reader for reliable product traceability

2D Code Reader for reliable product traceability

It is increasingly common that manufacturers use 2D codes like Data Matrix codes for tracing products. 2D codes can store a large amount of data and offer higher flexibility when it comes to positioning them somewhere on the product. Many industrial sectors have created quality standards and exact specifications for the 2D codes to be used. Laser markers from Panasonic mark your products reliably and flawlessly with such codes.

Direct part marking (DPM)
An additional highlight is the fact that DPM codes can be read, too. Direct Part Marking (DPM) ensures the traceability of a product over its complete life cycle. All important data from the serial number to the production date are no longer printed on a base material (e.g. a white label), but are directly marked on the product itself. This is where the Laser Markers from Panasonic enter the stage. They create the basis and means for permanent marking and reliable product identification even under the most difficult of conditions. Panasonic offers two different laser technologies – CO2 and fiber lasers (FAYb - Fiber Amplified Ytterbium). For more information please see www.laser.panasonic.eu.

Once the product has been labeled with the high-quality mark, it is possible to read the DPM code. For this purpose Panasonic has developed the new 2D Code Reader from the LP-ABR10 series – together with the Laser Marker this is an all-in-one system.

High-performance 2D Code Reader LP-ABR10 for Industry 4.0 applications
The 2D Code Reader for DPM also supports the customization of machines in Industry 4.0 because it can be mounted independently from the laser marker system. If a 2D code has been marked on the product, the 2D Code Reader LP-ABR10 can be used to read, verify, and store the code in a global database.
For more highlights and features of the 2D Code Reader please refer to New LP-ABR10.

Laser Marking & Code Reading
The combination of Direct Part Marking with subsequent reading verification, and saving of bar code information enables perfect compliance with quality and safety standards. The Panasonic Laser Markers and the Panasonic 2D Code Reader LP-ABR10 ensure the uniqueness of codes and a real-time monitoring of quality.

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